geekEquality offer various training packages in public engagement and inclusivity to empower our clients to make changes in their organisations. Our flagship training program is our new ‘Unconscious Bias’ Training. Please look at our client page for more information. Our training is unique for the following reasons:

  • Our training is bespoke: we tailor our training for each organisation. We understand that each organisation is different and we value these differences.
  • We provide a real insight into your organisation: part of our training is providing you with case studies of what is going on within your organisation.
  • Our training is interactive: this is not a passive training session. This will not be the type of training session where participants can get away with checking their email. Everyone will be involved and have a voice.
  • Our training focuses on goal setting: we want participants to start setting goals for the short term and long term. These make the solutions more realistic and applicable to the context of the organisation.

Please get in touch to discuss your training needs:

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