Buying a pink laptop

Technology devices such as laptops or mobile phones have been reduced in specification and given a pink/girly color. I agree with this.

I do not think that a pink laptop should have a reduced spec just because of it’s color.

I LOVE PINK. I do not think that there is anything wrong with buying a pink laptop. I had one and I loved it. Not because of the color but because of what it can do (the colour was cute also).

geekEquality have created a guide for you to help you get the best laptop for your money. We want you to feel empowered when deciding what laptop to buy and tell you it is OK to get a pink laptop if you want to, but just make sure it does what you want it to :-)

Computer Science outreach for computer scientists

One question which I am often asked is ‘how do we do outreach’. Outreach is not easy. When you spend a massive portion of your career doing things which only a handful of people can understand, it is really difficult explaining those things to people who do not have a background in your area of expertise.

Using demos to explain complex ideas works well. Great examples are at .

I have made a resource sheet available at:

Let me know your outreach thoughts.