Ada Lovelace Post: Dr Hannah Dee

Identifying a woman to blog about for this years Ada Lovelace day has been really difficult as so much has been going on this year. I have had a difficult time of it and Hannah Dee (lecturer at Aberwyswth) took me under her wing and helped me through it whilst I was in Wales.

Whilst at Swansea I found my job and life in Wales difficult (basically I now know because of illness as well as other factors). It was nice having someone who I could email with a rant or someone I could ring who was supportive. She also understood what it was like to be in a long distance relationship so that was also helpful.

Hannah and her partner Roger, arranged it so I could have some time out and stay in Aber with them and do some work over there also.

I don’t need to write a post to say how accomplished Hannah is as an academic – because everyone knows she is! I don’t even need to say what a great advocate she is for women in tech as everyone knows she is.

This post is basically to say that you can be cool, intelligent and supportive but also be moral and not be two-faced!

To find out more about Hannah, go to:

Timeline of ICT Education in the UK and Gender Impact

There are many reasons for the lack of women choosing to study computing: perceptions, experience or confidence. We have created a timeline of important milestones regarding the presence of women in computing in the UK. This has an emphasis on IT education in the UK and on the introduction of the national curriculum.

Our youtube timeline provides a new way to explore the events that have affected the curriculum up to the present day, especially with the current changes being made to the UK education system. Take a look and see what you think.

This is also an interactive timeline: click on the links to read the various reports and publications. Please let us know if you would like anything else adding to this timeline, or if you would like a downloadable PDF version.