Lego, Geeks & Girls: Can pink Lego get girls creative?

What is it with Lego and Geeks? They are fascinated with Lego – I guess it takes them back to their ‘childhood’! Its very sweet when the most loveliest geeks I know wanted the same Christmas present as my bosses teenage son… or maybe a bit worrying!

When I say geek do I mean boy or girl? When I say geek in this context, I mean either girls or boys who love computers. There are many definitions of the word, but for this post, this is what I will mean!

Lego have currently created a range of Lego products specifically aimed at girls. The range is called ‘Friends’. It includes being able to make things like beauty salons or girly convertibles. This is all very lovely, but I did not see the need to create a ‘special’ range. What worries me is that by doing this, it reinforces that their other Lego products is aimed at boys only. It reinforces that things like Star Trek is for boys only. By doing this, Lego has turned itself into a boys only product.

If the girly Lego acts as a bridge to getting children into creative toys such as Lego and play-doh and then those skills are transferred onto other things like Engineering or drawing its fabulous, however I really don’t want girls to think they have to restrict themselves to Lego girl products only. Making something pink doesn’t make it for girls! These are some initial thoughts that I hope to be expanding on in the next few days, but I kind of just needed to get this online! Feel free to give me an opinion!

2 thoughts on “Lego, Geeks & Girls: Can pink Lego get girls creative?

  1. Some interesting points Reena.

    As a child I first had a Lego riding stables set (which I guess was the 1990′s version of the ‘girly’ Lego products now available). Sure, I played horsies and built all of the models exactly as per the diagrams (with flowers) but then used the same bricks to make a whole host of other things. Because there weren’t any other ‘girly’ sets my parents just bought more ‘regular’ Lego which (being Lego) integrated nicely with what I already had.

    I think that any limitations would come from a lack of imagination or inclination to create – you work with the tools/equipment you have available to you. I’d like to think that any geek girls who had an introduction to Lego through one of these ‘girly’ sets has a high probability of discovering the full range available to them in time, if it was something they were into and they ever went anywhere near a Toys ‘R’ Us or the internet.

    Interestingly, looking at the available products on the website, in this particular range you can get Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop and Emma’s Design School which go some way to balance the Beauty Parlour and Dog Show sets and goes against some of the typical ‘girly’ stereotypes :)

    I also spotted the ‘Lego Creative Building Pink Brick Box’ which would serve nicely to expand one of these ‘girly’ sets to give wider build options if your geek girl happened to be bothered about matching brick colours. In general though, Lego seem to have done a fairly good job of keeping the number of pink bricks in these particular sets to a minimum (though mauve, baby blue, white, grey and lime green seem to be favoured over the standard primary/saturated colours used in ‘normal’ sets).

    • Ha Ha – Olivia’s Bio on the Lego Friends product pages :D

      Favorite animal: My cats, Missy and Spooky, and my bird, Goldie.
      Hair color: Chestnut
      Favorite color: Pink
      Favorite food: Barbecue!
      I love: My friends, science, school, drawing, inventing things, nature, hiking, photography, history.
      I’m also good at: Reading maps, navigation by the stars, building things, computers.
      My friends think I’m sometimes: Stubborn
      I want to be: A scientist or an engineer.
      Motto: “It’s easy, or at least we can figure it out.”
      I would never: forget my homework or leave the house without my compass!
      I like to hang out: In my workshop, with my friends in the Tree House Club, my house.

      Nice. She sounds like someone I know…

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