Welcome to geekEquality!

geekEquality is passionate about empowering organisations to diversify their workforce through public engagement and diversity training.

We are unique because we work with schools, universities and organisations. We are therefore able to get their input for your activity or questions. None of our events or consultancy recommendations are based on assumptions: they are based on real opinions and the ideas of your target audience.

Almost every day for the last five years we have been reading articles, press releases and have attended discussions on the skills shortage in the IT and Science industry. Today is no different. It’s the same arguments, the same people and the same phrases.

Don’t get me wrong, we are really pleased that we are seeing these discussions take place, but we really would love for us not to have to worry about this.

geekEquality want to help you diversify! We have experience and knowledge about inclusivity within Technology and Science. Please check our research and client list for what we offer.